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Subha Dhanteras | Shalimar Jewellers

Why Dhanteras is auspicious to buy Gold?

Posted on : 24-Oct-2019

Dhanteras has always been a time of celebrating with friends and family and sharing smallest joy, care and moments. Dhanteras… Read more »

5 tips on buying gold this dashain

Top 5 tips before buying Gold this Dashain

Posted on : 20-Sep-2019

  Buying gold is usually intended for one thing, and that is jewellery. It can also be purchased as security…. Read more »

Reasons for Gold Price Hike in Nepal, 2019

Gold Price Hike – Reasons for increase in gold price

Posted on : 09-Sep-2019

The Nepalese Market is shook with the gold price increase reaching an all-time high. The price of the Gold in… Read more »

Gold Necklace in Nepal

Necklace Selection: Selecting the right necklace that perfectly complements your neckline

Posted on : 22-Aug-2019

Women go craaazy over having the perfect blouse neckline. It is because a perfect neckline can make you look way… Read more »

gold as an investment

Gold as Investment

Posted on : 23-Jul-2019

Gold is easily one of the most popular and precious metals. Its capability of being an investment factor is one… Read more »

Mythical Beliefs in akshaya tritiya

Five Things You Must Do on Akshaya Tritiya

Posted on : 05-May-2019

Akshaya Tritiya is an annual springtime festival mainly celebrated by Hindus & Jains in Nepal and India. In Sanskrit, the… Read more »

shalimar craftmanship

Craftmanship – The Story

Posted on : 29-Apr-2019

The Early Days From the very beginning, since Shalimar Jewellers was established in 1994, we have strived for nothing but… Read more »

bridal first choice shalimar

Stylish & Vibrant Jewellery Designs for Every Bride-to-be!

Posted on : 25-Feb-2019

If there’s one jewellery trend that has been there for decades and is still making the loudest noise, it’s none… Read more »

tips to choose jewelry

Tips to choose jewelry that flatters your face shape

Posted on : 28-Nov-2018

Individually, we all are unique internally and externally. Unique face structure make each of us looks different. Comparing to men-… Read more »

Should I wear a gold? : Be your own Astrologer!

Posted on : 19-Nov-2018

People often ask, “Should I wear a gold?”. You will surely make up your mind on buying a gold jewelry… Read more »

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